Build tools

Learn about the gulp commands that will help you improve your development workflow with our theme

Compiling SCSS files with Laravel Mix

If you want to make changes to the scss files located in resources/scss/ you need to have Laravel Mix installed and then add the following line of code to the webpack.mix.js file in the "scripts" section.

"scss": "node-sass resources/scss -o css"

You can then run the following two commands in your project terminal in order to compile all of the scss files into one css file which you can then use to apply the styling changes to your project.

npm install node-sass
npm run scss

Starting a local server

Developing with Volt is very easy. All you have to do to run a local server is writing the following command in the folder where gulpfile.js is located:


What does it do?

It watches for any change you will make in the project and compiles the code and refreshes your browser with the modified changes. We recommend using this command if you choose to use the awesome features of Sass.

Compiling for production

We got you covered. All you have to do is write the following command:

gulp build:dist

This command will generate a dist/ folder where you’ll get all the files necessary to go live with your awesome website. Images are automatically optimized and the files are minified.

Getting only HTML, CSS & Javascript

Even if Sass has some awesome features, maybe you just need the plain old CSS, HTML and JS stack. We though about this, so run the following command:

gulp build:dev

This command will generate a html&css/ folder where you’ll get all the required files to use without Sass, Gulp or npm. This code is beatified and the CSS is documented with commenting sections.